About us

Pupa Winery

Pupa Winery, established in 1991 in Fushe Peshtan, Albania, began with a 1ha vineyard. By 1993, we started producing wine and brandy using local grapes, initially yielding 2000 bottles of wine per year. Our winery is constructed in the traditional Berati style, with a total area of 1000 m2 and 1500 m2 of service areas. We own a 30ha vineyard, where autochthonous grape varieties like Puls, Black Serina, White Serina, Black Debina, White Debina, and Birvoli are carefully cultivated. Located on a hill in front of the Tomorr mountain at an altitude of 500-700 meters above sea level, our vineyard benefits from the unique soil composition and structure, resulting in wines with a distinct aroma and taste.

With deep roots in Albanian winemaking, Pupa Winery's rich history encompasses over three decades of passion and dedication. Today, we proudly own a 30ha vineyard nurtured with local grape varieties. The vineyard, situated on a hill with an elevation ranging from 500 to 700 meters above sea level, benefits from the exceptional soil composition, which imparts a special aroma and taste to our wines. The winery's construction, echoing the traditional Berati style, includes a 1000 m2 facility and 1500 m2 of service areas.